3B update.

Today, we have  learned that we will be putting on a small show in the near future and we feel nervous and excited about it. To get our voices ready, we have been practising our singing.

In maths we have been creating and interpreting pictograms. First, we made tally charts of our favourite foods and favourite colours. We are all aiming to be Statistic Superstars!

In science, we carried out an investigation using a ruler and our fingers. We tried to bring our fingers together without the ruler dropping off. And guess what… our fingers always met in the middle! Do you know why? We discussed and wrote down what we thought.



We have been researching dinosaur facts and have created a fact file. Next week, we will be using the information to write a report. These reports will then become a book in our book corner. In spellings we have been learning about  -le, el, il and al to see which was needed at the end of words. Also, we looked at which sight word spellings we needed to practise. We are all going to practise the ones we don’t know at home. It would be lovely if you could help us. Bethany can practise words of her choice as she knows all of our targeted words! We are all very proud of her but we will all know them very soon!

For art, we have explored using a different medium, for our Kadinsky style art, to see which results we like the best. Eventually, we will be framing our best work.