3b update




On Wednesday we had visitors, Paul and Sophie from Wilmot Dixon, who gave us a challenge. Paul was one of the builders that worked on building our school. We made a HUGE tetrahedron and so we were successful in the challenge. We worked in groups to make small tetrahedrons and then joined them all together to make a big one. Here are some photos of us during the challenge:

DSCF2904 DSCF2906 DSCF2905









In literacy, we created a story map for our text, Pebble in my Pocket, which we have now finished reading. The story map will help us with an explanation text next week. Rose found a rock which she showed to us and it really helped us to see how layers of rock could build up. That is what happened in our text. Also in literacy, we have learnt about expanding our verbs by using the present perfect tense.

We are getting much better at reading time from both analogue and digital clocks.

In science, we have been learning about living things and their habitats and how they have adapted and evolved.

We have just watched a fantastic performance by people who have music lessons in school. Our class are very proud of Julia, Lily and Sienna who were part of the performance. We also had an attendance award ceremony yesterday where some of us earned certificates for coming to school regularly. Sadly, none of our names came out in the prize draw…maybe next time!