3b news

We have been learning how to do column addition this week. Some of us are masters at it and the rest of us know if we don’t give up we will be too.

        I think it’s quite tricky when the last column carries to the thousands   – Rose said.     She is a master at adding 3 digit numbers which is the aim for year 3.

After editing Lily’s writing as a whole class, Kira kindly let us work in groups to edit her nicely set out report on evacuees. This helped us practise our team working skills and to develop our editing skills which we can use to improve our own writing and to give our friends critique on theirs.  In particular we looked at spellings of words we should know and the different sentence structures  used. Our aim is to be using a range of simple, compound and complex sentences.

For geography and history, we had a walk around the local area. We used a map to follow a route and while we were walking we marked bomb sites from WW2 on our maps. Back in the classroom, we discussed why we thought railways would be enemy targets.