3b news

We have continued reading our text, Krindlekrax, and are at a very exciting part where the main character, Ruskin, is thinking about going into the sewers to face Krindledrax! We have used this scenario to start writing a discussion text; building on our learning from our model text ‘Should Ruskin get his ball back?’ We are anxious to find out what happens but Mrs Paddon has put a halt on the story until we have finished our discussion texts and decided what we think he should do.  Stand by for an update on Ruskin’s situation…

In maths, we have continued working on fractions and are getting a better understanding each day. We have decided that we would like to revisit factions of amounts so that we can practise and apply our learning.

The highlight of our week…. a visit to the Fleet Air Arm Museum. As our World War 2 topic continues, we visited the museum to find out more. We had two workshops; ‘Make do and Mend’  and ‘Rationing’. In the Make do and Mend, we learned that in the war it was important not to waste resources. We all did some sewing to make an identity card wallet. We will be finishing them in school but so far they are looking good. For some of us it was our first try at sewing and we did very well and impressed the lady from FAAM who was helping us. In the Rationing workshop, we had to produce a weekly menu for Mrs Paddon ensuring that she stayed within her ration allowance. It was hard but, with the help of homegrown vegetables and catching rabbits, it was possible! Another first for some of us was stepping onto an aircraft. And not just any aircraft… Concorde! It was a shame we couldn’t actually take a flight in it!

Here are some photos of the day: