3a, Made to Measure!

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Over the last week we have measured nearly everything in and out of our classroom in preparation for the Muffin Bake Off challenge. We needed to become experts at measuring length, mass and capacity so that we could get ready to cook great tasting muffins! The proof was in the muffins… they tasted great!


Did you know that the perimeter of a classroom table is 21 lollipop sticks or 15 straws and a learning pack is 9.5 lollipop sticks?


Mr Mathews heard that we were great at measuring and set us the challenge to find out how much a new fence would cost to go around the perimeter of the new building when it is completed. At the moment we only have a temporary fence. We hope to have the answer soon … (but it won’t be in non-standard units this time!)


We have also been writing our own newspaper reports on the Varjak Vanishings. We have found out all the things we need to include for a fantastic Newspaper report. We have even been reporters and interviewed some of the cats from the book and used some of their thoughts as quotes.