We have started a new book called ‘War Boy’ which is about the life of a boy in WWII. It starts with a bomb landing in his bedroom!

On Tuesday we went on a school trip all the way to Minehead where we boarded a steam train as evacuees in WWII . Some of us even dressed up in WWII clothes for the day.



When it was lunchtime our guide, who was called Fred and used to live in London during the war,  checked our lunches to see if we had food that wouldn’t have been available in the 1940’s. Nearly all of us did!Can you believe they never had bananas?!

In class this week we also watched a series called Spywatch about evacuees to help us imagine what life would have been like during the war. We have written diary entries as if we were evacuees too.

In Maths, we used a net to make a gas mask box and we started some investigation challenges which we tried to solve using our knowledge of number and place value.