All things Art!


To celebrate arts week we made cornflake cakes and arranged them  to look like the Gruffalo. We then painted the Gruffalos head and legs using chocolate! 1a, 2a and 2b helped make this Gruffalo. We then ate the cakes!

This week we also visited 2b and made Gruffalo shadow puppets, in 2a we made woodland animal models using clay, in 1a we made Gruffalo music.

We also made moving Gruffalos, we have painted poppies and we know these are special flowers, also we have painted pictures of woodland animals.

DSCF5194    DSCF5193


Our art exhibition piece is titled Paper places in a material world and it is a map of Bournville. We created our houses and landmarks using old newspaper to make our housesn and our local landmarks.

Our helping hands for this week are Karson and Jayden.