KS1 have begun their brand new topic since Easter.  We are looking at the lives of two signicant individuals who have changed the world.  This is why our new topic is called “World Changers”.  We have decided to study the lives of Neil Armstrong and Mary Anning.  These two are particularly exciting to study because they allow us to look into space and dinosaurs! The inclusion of Mary Anning has also allowed us to work with an inspiration woman from history.

As usual, we have a Power of Reading text which we have been basing much of our English work around thus far .  The book for the “World Changers” topic is ‘The Man on the Moon: A Day in the life of Bob”. The children have loved reading this book so far and have enjoyed spotting the aliens in the book that Bob has not seen.  One of the recent sequences involved making souvenirs for Bob’s moon stall, which we then wrote instructions for as well as evaluated. You can see some of our rockets in the photos attached.  Soon, we are going to be going to the moon ourselves……well our own make shift moon on the school grounds.  Look out for future posts 🙂


As always, please share any questions or queries you have with any of the KS1 teachers and they will be happy to help.