2 museums in 1 week!

Last Wednesday, we created  a Roman museum, ‘Step Back in Time’ with 4a, 4b and 3a. Children from other classes came to look around at the displays and so did some parents. We had lots of lovely comment about how much people enjoyed it. Here are some photos:

img_4518img_4525 img_4526 img_4527img_4540









Friday,  we went to Caerleon in Wales where we had our second museum experience of the week! We looked at all of the artefacts, walked around what was left of the amphitheatre and the barracks where the soldiers would have stayed. We were able to go into the re-creation of a barrack room where we sat on the bunks…until we heard that there were bugs in the straw that they are made of when we quickly got off! We also say the remains of the Roman bath-house.  Interestingly, girls didn’t have to go to school like boys but we all did some role play where we were Roman children. The boys were at school where they had to do the work but the girls could choose if they wanted to do any learning!  After trying on the armour, we all agree that it was uncomfortable and we wouldn’t have liked to march in it. 

img_4565 img_4566img_4555img_4578


It’s not all been about museums…in maths, we have been learning column subtraction and in English we have now finished writing sea poems. We are going to send some poems to the Pier as the would like to display some.