A Wild Week for 5A!


This week was anti-bulling week in school and we watched an animation as inspiration for a story. Some of us are writing a story based on the character from the animation and some of us are writing a story about bullying with different characters.

On Tuesday, we had some very interesting visitors who are real explorers and who are going to paddle-board down the Blue Nile before it gets dammed. The Blue Nile is home of some of the largest crocodiles in the world which can be up to 20 foot long. They are going to video link with the school so that we can follow their journey.

We went to the Wild Place where we saw giraffes. Some of us saw the wolves and the geladas (baboons) but unfortunately some of us didn’t as they were hiding. The lemurs jumped really high and some people thought they were going to jump on their faces. Corben had a bit of a scare when one leaped past his foot!

In English, we wrote a speech to persuade Mr Matravers to take year 1 children to the Wild Place as we had so much fun there. Before that, we wrote a  speech to persuade Beowulf to slay Grendel.

When it was Children-in-Need, we raised £575 and were the class that filled the most Pudseys. Today in assembly, it was announced that we were the winners and  we were given a tub of chocolates.