Blog by Alicia

On Monday, I went back to school. Mrs Paddon told us that an exciting day was ahead!

First we lined up to go to the big hall. At first I was a bit confused but after a while I realised that it was about a play written by Shakespeare. It was called A Midsummer Night’s Dream and was set in a  place in Greece called Athens. Outside of the city was a huge and creepy wood.

After lunch, we went to 3a. We met an artist called Amy Davis. We talked all about art. It was very fun.

Before we went home, Mr Morris came to see us! I had missed him so much.

I’m excited about doing a Shakespeare play.

                                                                  Blog by Alicia Brown

Here are a selection of photos from Monday:

And from the rest of us….

Another vistor!! Mrs Britt came to see us today. We really loved seeing her. She bought us some special pencils that are now known as the ‘Britt Award’ and when we are working hard, we may get chosen to use them.

Tomorrow we are going to @Bristol. Yippee!