This week we have been doing science experiments all week.

All the children have been very interested and had a go at predicting, investigating, observing, and testing. 

Each class had a science lab where children could go and be scientists.

We made a skittle sweet rainbow 🌈 where the children watched carefully as we poured water on a carefully arranged plate of skittle sweets. 

“The colours joined up” said Joy

“Its like a rainbow” said Vinny

We then looked closely at some m&m sweets in a jar of water. 

The children made predictions before about what they thought might happen.

“It will flash into colour” said Sam

“The chocolate will melt” said Alice

In the end Lilly’s prediction was correct. She said “The m will come off because the water will go into the sweet and the m will come off”

We did the dancing raisins and grapes experiment which the children really enjoyed observing in the science lab. They came up with some fantastic explanations about what was happening which we recorded in their learning diaries.

We then did an experiment where we looked at dissolving sugar cubes with coloured water and added materials such as foil and kitchen roll to explore absorbency. 

We did a zip wire teddy experiment that looked at size and also the effects of different materials that were used as the teddies hooks e.g. Paper clips and string. We had great fun predicting, then racing to compare which teddies were the quickest to travel along the zip wires.


Then finally we explored the electric circuits which we will continue next week.

The children had a fabulous week and there was so much learning happening from all the different science activities. 

See you next week penguin and seal followers 👍🏼