What a lovely week. On Tuesday we had a steel drum workshop which we all enjoyed. Mrs Paddon and the music teacher were very impressed with our timing.

Finally, we have finished Varjak Paw and it was amazing.

         “Awesome!” offered Josh.

In maths, we have started to learn about time. Some of us are moving up on our times tables.

There was an open afternoon on Wednesday and we made chicks, bunny masks, cards and crosses. Some parents came in and were shown the Easter experience that we all had on Tuesday. The Easter experience was a set of exhibitions that told the Easter story. Each year group set up one of the stations and we did ‘Remember me’ which was the last supper. At this station, we sat and thought about Jesus passing bread and wine to his disciples.

IMG_3944[1] IMG_3935[1]

Yesterday was the Easter disco and there are some rumours that Mrs Paddon was doing the conga!

Today is Reece’s birthday and so we sang happy birthday. He has given us all some birthday cake. Also, Josh will have his birthday on Saturday.

This morning we went swimming and Amelia was speaking under water which made bubbles come out of her mouth! This afternoon was  our Easter assembly where Bethany made us really proud with her clear reading.

Happy Easter to all our readers!