What a busy first week to term 4 in 6b!

This week we have been so busy in literacy and numeracy this week.
In maths we started the week by learning how to find the mean of a set of data. In Year 6, we have been trying really hard to record and share our reasoning which we have found has really helped us and our understanding. For the second part of the week, we have been interpreting data on line graphs. It turned out that Charlie was a secret expert on line graphs!

in literacy, we have continued to read our book-Treason. We met a new character (Aunt Carew) and found her to be arrogant and rude. We worked in groups to freeze frame a scene with Lords and Ladies of the Court gossiping about the awful Lady Carew-Jess’ Oscar is in the post-she was a great actress! Our drama then lead us to writing a letter where we in role as a worker in the court.
Next week we actually get to visit Hampton Court which is the palace that Henry VIII lived and the setting of our book. We can’t wait to tell you all about it!