Varjak Paw has found a grumpy old cat in the shelter. We do not know her name.

In Science we looked at what would happen if you put egg shells in different liquids. We did this because egg shells are similar to our teeth and Body Magic is out topic. These liquids were vinegar, water, lemonade, orange juice, coke and milk. We noticed that the sugary drinks caused the eggs shells damage, the vinegar stripped the coating from the egg shell and the milk and water made no difference. As a class, we decided that water and milk were the best liquids to drink to keep our teeth healthy.
On Thursday the parents came in and we watched newsround together and Miss Edwards asked us some questions about what we had watched.
We have looked at analogue and digital time.

Friday we have 1a and 4b in our class to learn some new Easter songs.

In Better Reading, we beat our best time. We have now managed 10 minutes 48 seconds.

We wrote a whole class sound poem about what Varjak could hear in the city and then went on to write our own.

It is time to break up but we will be back in a week. We are all happy to be having a break.

Have a good break 4a and fans 🙂