BPS – Pupil Premium 2015 Awards Winners!
Bournville Primary School is an OUTSTANDING School!

Pupil Premium Funding

Update: Pupil Premium progress report 2015 -16

Bournville Pupil Premium Strategy 2016

Historical Performance Data Reports:

Performance Data of Those in Receipt of Pupil Premium Funding 2013-2014

Performance Data of Those in Receipt of Pupil Premium Funding 2012-2013

Historical Expenditure Reports:

Pupil Premium Funding statement 2014-2015

Pupil Premium Funding statement 2013-2014

Pupil Premium Funding Statement 2012-2013

 What is APS ?

APS is Average point score, a way of tracking children’s progress against the national curriculum levels. It is expected that children make 12 points progress, 2 full levels, for example level 2 to level 4 in the four years of KS2. Thus, expected progress for a year can be expressed as 3 points. Anything above 3 points progress in a year is a good indicator that a child will be progressing better than national expectation and closing the attainment gap. Progress of less than 3 points per year at KS2 would indicate that the attainment gap is widening. This system has been discontinued and only applies to Year 2 and Year 6 data 2015. All data reported from this point forward 1st September 2015 will be set against the new curriculum and Government end of Key Stage Assessment Guidance.

SEN assessment

Some children who have special educational needs are assessed against P level scales, progress measures and time scales are different under this system.