BPS – Pupil Premium 2015 Awards Winners!
Bournville Primary School is an OUTSTANDING School!

A fun week!


We had a fun day on Monday celebrating the Japanese festival of Tanabata. It is a festival of the the stars and we went into a star dome to learn more about them. In the afternoon we wrote our wishes on streamers. These are some of our wishes:

I wish it was my birthday every day.

I wish I was a super hero.

I wish was a famous drummer.

I wish I could go to America and meet all the actors.

I wish I could do breakdancing.

I wish I will have a girl cousin.

I wish I could be Spider-Man.

I wish I was on Britain’s Got Talent.

I wish I could be a vet.

We also finished off our French topic this week. We have learn to read a French book and then used the new words we learnt to write our own version.  Finally we read the books to the children in 2b, and translated for them as well!  They seemed to really enjoy them and Mrs Palmer was very impressed with our French speaking!

image    image

image          image

These are the gardens we designed for those who missed them at the plant show.


image image image image image image image image image image image image